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Spending Family Time, Everything You Should Know

Kids are back to school after the Christmas holidays and parents are back to work. During that time, it is easy to get caught in a hectic vortex of activities that start on Monday morning and end on Sunday night. Between the urgent meetings, work to be done at the office and the chores at home, family members start spending less and less time together!

No need to wait for another holiday to re-connect again. So here is a list of 5 small things to do on a daily basis to spend more time together, as a family.

1- Read Together

One of the best ways to spend quality time with your children is by reading together. You can take turns at reading pages from a book you have chosen together and discussing the book’s ideas with your children. It is a great way to connect and learn at the same time.


2- Have Themed Dinners

It is fun to get the family to eat together when there is something fun happening. This can either be a costume night or a movie marathon that starts after dinner. Chose movies or themes that are best enjoyed by the whole family.


3- Fix Things Together

Whether this is about one of their toys or more advanced home electronics, fixing things together teaches them more about how things work and their environment. It also helps them become more self-reliant and independent.


4- Go on Walks Together

This is a great activity if you would like to spend time with one of your children, one who is older than the rest. Walking together will get you to connect one on one and give them the attention and space to talk about what’s on their mind.


5- Watch Inspiring Talks

If you have ever watched a Ted Talk before, then you definitely know how inspiring and educational these can be. Here is a list of talks Ted recommends to watch with the family.



Mrs, Sudha Gupta, renowned parenting expert, recommends the tenth mantra of positive parenting; your time is the biggest investment in your child’s future. Nothing in this world can substitute the time that you give your child. She asks parents to be positive parents and to not let the time they spend with their children be just about nagging and scolding them.


Watch Sudha Gupta on one of her talks to better understand her philosophy of positive parenting.



Finally, if you think that spending time with your children is for their own benefit, then we will leave you with this Ted Talk by Adora Svitak titled “What Adults Can Learn From Kids”








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