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The Wellness Circle

A subsidiary of The Wellness Project and in collaboration with specialized therapists, The Wellness Circle came to life following the Beirut Blast on August 4th 2020, that left the nation traumatized. The program offers free Group Healing and online individual sessions posted regularly on the website and social media pages, to help with anxiety, trauma, insomnia, stress management, PTSD and more, through different modalities and methods.

Venue is offered by Yarrow Enterprise SARL along with the provision to participants of Hydrogen rich, mineral enhanced, additive and plastic free water for everyone's well being.

Bring your BPA - free water bottles to fill up and drink.

Therapists on board

Here's a glimpse of the specialized therapists who are offering their services for everyone's well-being
Isak Eid

Isak Eid

Clinical Psychotherapist Music therapist Education : – Université libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) – L’Institut d’Études de la...

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Maya Abou Chedid

Maya Abou Chedid

Shamanic Practitioner Preparation & Integration Facilitator Energy & Body Work With studies in biological sciences and extensive work in...

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Suzanne Talhouk

Suzanne Talhouk

Suzanne Talhouk is the first certified Sophrologist in Lebanon who received her Advanced Practitioner Diploma from The Sophrology Academy of...

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The Bridge Institute

The Bridge Institute

The Bridge Institute is an organization that offers post graduate courses, trainings and workshops for the general public, civil society...

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Healing Events


Please share your testimonial here on The Wellness Circle

The retreat was nothing short than magical. The hotel is a piece of art, the hospitality was from the heart and the work with Farima as usual is always heart opening and very humbling. ??

Roger Azar

An amazing workshop with Master Farima and The Wellness Project, great experience where you can learn that Sufism is all about cleaning/purifying our hearts from jealousy, hatred, envy, etc. Freeing ourselves from the attractions of this world, having control over our nafs/desires and devoting our attention to Almighty Allah, living in and through Allah.

It also tells us about the power of love & being kind to makind.

So grateful and thankful.

Roula Harb

Thank you for organizing this beautiful event in such difficult time, it was much needed for most of us. Love was definitely calling.

The wellness Project... you did an amazing work gathering everyone, the love and the humanity i saw this weekend bring peace to my soul.

I ll be glad to join your next retreats and workshop 🙂

It was perfect ???

Géraldine Blache

Thank you for organizing this retreat, it was a well needed respite from our everyday lives

And a wonderful, clean and safe environment to reconnect with ourselves in unison with the others.

A successful event impeccably organized that will be one of many more to come.

With gratitude.

Tina Nasr

This was a unique experience that unveiled the true meaning of bliss, I am very grateful to take part in the session.

Yervant Shallagian

This Osho session exceeded my expectations. A very uninhibited and relaxing session that allowed me to truly switch off and be elsewhere blissful. Thank you for your session and great guidance Masto Baba

Alia Fawaz

Yesterday's session on zoom was ecstatic! Thanks alot for the effort you guys put and many thanks for Masto Baba! Such a nice loving and healing vibe he's got! Lots of wisdom shared! The technique is very much healing as it gives a build up to a high vibration right before meditating inwards! BOOM! Much love!

Sarah Nur

FARIMA is a great Soul and a Great Master. I've learned a lot throughout the sessions, and I would love to get to know Farima in person. Thank you once again

Rola Harb

What an amazing journey " from Stress to Peace and Peace to Bliss".
This Sunday I had a life transforming experience with the one and only "Masto Baba" . From the Dynamic meditation to the Kundalini meditation and so on. The connection with "Masto Baba" was so beautiful his energy and vibes were fantastic. The feelings that came throughout the session were so intense. I was so honoured to be part of this meditation. I am so grateful and thankful thank you "Wellness Project" for all the love and support and efforts much love

Rola Harb

Thank you for your effort in order to put this into action. Yes it was beautiful

Joe Naameh
It was amazing thank u.
Naturmate Spread the Goodness

I felt much peace and bliss after doing the dynamic meditation. It helped release a lot of the physical tension my body was holding onto allowing me to go into a deeper silence during the process. Thank  you so very much to Masto Baba and The Wellness Circle  for this opportunity!

Oumayma Nadar
Thank you so much, it was wonderful <3
Rima Farhat
Thank you plenty for this joyful meditation <3 <3 <3 Bless you and your loved ones.
Reem Nasr
Thank u plenty for this joyful meditation, Bless you and your loved ones.
Reem Hassaniyeh
It was amazing, thank you <3
Samia Zeini