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5 Documentaries That Will Change The Way You Look At Food And Health

We live in a world with many misconceptions and contradicting information related to food and health. We read an article today, only to find another one that contradicts it tomorrow.

In this world of information, it is becoming increasingly hard to know what to read and who to trust. That is why, we have gathered a list of extremely interesting and trustworthy documentaries that will make you better understand the way the food and health industry works, though interviews with leading doctors and experts in the field and empowering stories of people from all over the world.

Watch them and let us know how these have impacted your life!

1- Hungry For Change

Hungry For Change is a best-selling documentary that will probably rock your world.

We all have these health objectives that we have been working so hard to achieve though conventional methods but with no or little success. This documentary will change the way you look at things. It will expose shocking secrets the diet, weight loss and food industry don’t want you to know about, through interviews with authors, medical experts and transformational stories from real people.

2- On Behalf of Our Breasts: The Dark Side of Screening

As women, we have been bombarded with messages and reminders to get our breast checked. Doctors, drug companies and even governments play on the fear factor to push women to get a mammography every year. However, studies have shown that this doesn’t reduce the risk of dying from breast cancer. Healthy women, with no symptoms, are harmed by the unnecessary screening and treatment. This documentary follows the story of four women from around the world while they are facing the fear of cancer.

3- Fluoride: A Friend Who Wants To Harm You

For generations, we have been taught to believe that fluoride is good for healthy bones and teeth. We were encouraged to buy toothpaste with fluoride and drink fluoridated water. But fluoride compounds are available everywhere from non-stick pans to pizza boxes. The catch is that fluoride is beneficial in small quantities. More than that is toxic for our bodies. Fluoride can remain in the body for years and is transmitted to babies by breastfeeding. Even the World Health Organization has classified fluoride as one of the 10 chemicals that pose the greatest risk to human health.

In this film, you will understand the many factors that were involved in rebranding fluoride as good for the human body and the health risk associated with it.

4- Circle Of Poison

Did you know that even if a pesticide is banned in the United States it can still be exported and sold outside of the country?

This film features interviews with President Jimmy Carter, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Professor Noam Chomsky and his holiness the Dalai Lama. It exposes the shocking practices of the pesticide trade and shows you how the global pesticide industry is politically powerful, shaping regulations (or lack thereof) and the conditions of food and farming around the world. It will also show you organic farm co-ops in Mexico and Argentina, farmers markets in India and other ways people are fighting back for healthier ways of growing food.

5- Statin Nation II

We all have been led to believe that consuming high amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol will cause heart disease. We have heard this so repeatedly that we don’t question it anymore.

But did you know that many countries around the world consume large amounts of saturated fats and cholesterol but have the lowest rates of heart disease? Did you know that people with high cholesterol levels are the ones who usually live the longest?

Statin Nation II will tackle all of these contractions, clarifying your current view of heart disease. This film will explain how health authorities around the world continue to ignore the significant amount of research and studies that confirm that saturated fat and cholesterol do not play a role in heart disease. It will also investigate and clarify the real causes of heart disease, proposing an alternative model to treat it.















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