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7 Things to Do In Lebanon This July (To Keep Your Summer Going Strong)

We started June with 7 Things You Could Do, and we, at The Wellness Project, are suckers for tradition. So now we’ve got 7 MORE things, just for the ever-so-sweaty and cheerful month of July. As usual, we tried to keep most of them ‘off the beaten path’, a little bit quirky, and with the right spattering of healthy, eco-friendly, alternative and culturally interesting.

1. A Stargazing Night Under the Sky

The Cosmic Dome Planetarium is bringing you a night of beautiful stargazing in Warde Piste, Kfarzebian, on Saturday July 14th. What can you expect? Telescopes (obviously), and observing various planets, galaxies, constellations, stars and nebulas in the sky while Astronomer Dr. Mohammad Abbas explains each sky object in detail! You’ll go with blankets, fuzzy clothes, cameras, and  handy snacks (make sure to bring leave no trash behind!!!). Then you can just sit back (preferably in silence) and simply listen and gaze until 1am. A perfect summer night (See that picture above? It could be you)! For more information on how to reserve, meet the group to travel there together and more! Check out: http://www.lebtivity.com/event/the-cosmic-dome-presents-a-stargazing-night-under-the-sky

2. Upcycling at Alwan Salma

Photo Credit: http://www.lebtivity.com/event/upcycling-at-alwan-salma-1

We’ve mentioned  the wonderfully fun and eco-conscious trend of up-cycling before, and now you’ve got a chance to learn it for yourself. At the fantastic Alwan Salma creative studio, learn to turn discarded materials into beautiful and/or functional things, with up-cycling workshops on offer every Thursday from 2:30-4:00 pm from July 1st until the end of the summer. It’s family friendly too, so bring your kids ages 5 and up!  For more info, check out: www.facebook.com/AlwanSalmaBeirut

3.Hike and Yoga at the Shouf Biosphere Reserve

Photo Credit: http://www.lebtivity.com/event/hiking-and-yoga-at-al-shouf-cedar-s-reserve-with-byc

Shouf has one of Lebanon’s largest natural reserves, surrounded by ancient trees and a cedar forest, and now you have the chance to hike it this coming Sunday and follow that hike with an hour and a half of Hatha Yoga. You’ll take in the natural beauty, breathe the fresh air, and bring your body into balance and harmony amongst the cedar trees! What could be better than that? To book and get more details, check out: http://www.lebtivity.com/event/hike-yoga-shouf-biosphere-reserve  Can’t catch this round? There are other hikes on offer, so keep your eye out!

4.Lebanese Independent Film Festival (LIFF)


LIFF’s self-professed mission is to provide “a platform to support and display the work of artists and filmmakers, a networking event that will bring together international and local professionals.” with the vision of sharing “global perspectives as well as independent thoughts to a large audience through film.”  Bound to have a line-up of intensely diverse films, get your dose of thought-provoking entertainment and support the arts from July 12th to July 14th, and find out some of the yet-to-be announced details here:  www.liffofficial.com

5. HypnoBirthing Course

If you’re expecting a baby and curious about the option of reduced pain, faster labor, and lower probability of a C-section, check out this course offered over two weekends in July (7th-8th, and 14th-15th), by UK Certified HypnoBirthing instructor Duna Abou Jaoudeh Moarkech. She will lead you and your birthing partner through a full prenatal and birth training, including breathing techniques, fear release, labor facilitation, and specific hypnobirthing techniques that can be applied in hospital, home, or water births. You’ll also have a book, CD and handouts to take home, and can choose to receive further support from Duna. So for more info contact her at 03896540 or yogawithduna@gmail.com and check out://www.lebtivity.com/event/hypnobirthing-make-your-birth-experience-one-worth-remembering-joyfully

As an extra bonus, here’s a video by another HypnoBirthing instructor to give you a better idea of what to expect!



6. The Lost Empire of the Sun

Photo Credit: http://www.lebtivity.com/event/the-lost-empire-of-the-sun-st-germain-at-zouk-mikael-international-festival

On Friday July 13th, as part of the Zouk Mikael International Festival, you have the opportunity to catch this immersive, enthralling concert by St. Germain, followed with DJ sets by Nesta and Rea at the incredible Zouk Mikael amphitheater. You’ll be dancing on the clouds. Somehow unfamiliar with St. Germain? Watch this magic:

Find out more details and book through here!  http://www.lebtivity.com/event/the-lost-empire-of-the-sun-st-germain-at-zouk-mikael-international-festival

7. Otaku Con 2018


Coming up, in just a couple of days, is the first pop culture convention to arrive in Lebanon.  On July 1st, from 11:00 am-9:00 pm, you can revel in cosplay competitions, anime music performances and Japanese food, mixed with workshops and discussions on varied topics too! There’s also Karate demonstrations, a PS4 and Smash Bros gaming tournament, and all sorts of fabulous merchandise to take back home. For location, ticket info, and more details, check out the Otaku Con Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1914364158854002

That’s all folks! Hope you enjoy, and as always, let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments. We love hearing from you!

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