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What If There Was A Solution To All Your Water Needs?

We’ve been discussing many water-related issues for some time now in order to get to the bigger picture with you. In terms of drinking water, we could say that not all water is created equal, right? We all know that tap water is contaminated, filled with pesticides, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, nitrates, fluoride and other bi-products of industrial life. All of these contents are massive contributors to making the water even more acidic, which in turn further increase high acid-levels in the body.

More than 80% of illnesses can only exist in an acidic environment; therefore, restoring our bodies to a balanced alkaline/acid state allows us to regain control and enjoy radiant health. Since our body is predominantly 70% water, the most natural and effective way to keep it hydrated is by drinking basic alive water. This water quality maintains vibrant health and vitality, because it’s rich in hydrogen content! We learned about water content in our article All About Water: What Are We Really Drinking? We also went into greater detail about The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water.

Here’s a great video educating us on the difference between alkaline water vs alkalized water:

Then comes the bottled-water issue, which is highly infused with chemical additives, such as chlorine and fluoride, and not to mention the very toxic plastic particles invisible to the eye. Most of us feel obliged to buy bottled water as a result of our tap water being undrinkable. This adds further woe to our environment by the production and irresponsible disposal of plastic bottles, destroying our ecosystem in its wake, as we elaborated upon in Never Drink from Plastic Water Bottles Again and What to Check When Buying Bottled Water. 


Photo Source: https://foodrevolution.org/blog/what-you-need-to-know-about-bottled-water/

At this point, we feel the need to look at how water filtration can play an important role for you. The options for water filters are dauntingly vast, varying from carbon to reverse osmosis to home distillers. Some of the problems around carbon filters are the need to change them regularly as they build up contaminants and don’t remove fluoride. Treated water is sometimes referred to as dead water, because it has been depleted of its minerals, and is often highly acidic combined with a costly installation process and a high maintenance fee. As we know by now, acidic dead water has almost zero potential in reducing oxidation of the body and further encourages the grow of free radicals that damage cells, tissues and organs. The water we drink must benefit our overall health and wellbeing rather than harm us. Wouldn’t you agree?


Photo source: https://designerwater.co.za/what-is-acid-waste-and-body-acidity/

Wait a minute! What if you could find a solution to your bottled water problems? What if you no longer had to spend money buying water that actually has few health benefits? What if there was a device that could give you clean, ionized alkaline and antioxidant water, control the pH level for all your needs, optimizing water coverage in the house while allowing you to go completely green? What if all this could be in your home and capable of offering you seven different types of water by one device? What if you could hydrate your body while detoxing the body’s cells and tissues at the same time? What if you could shower, cook, drink and clean with all the appropriate pH levels for each purpose with precision?


The Wellness Project is beyond thrilled to share something brewing around the topic of drinking water in the Middle East that might be cost and water-efficient, eco-friendly, healthy and alive.We can’t wait to update you in our upcoming blog posts while you review all the angles we’ve covered on water thus far.











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