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7 Things to Do in Lebanon this June (to Kick-Off Your Summer Right!)

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of our ‘things to do’ lists, and with summer in the air (a bit too heavily recently, I might add) and June barely a week away, we thought there’s no better time like the present! Lebanon offers an embarrassment of riches when it comes to ways to keep busy, entertained, excited and engaged. We’ve made our own little selection of 7 just for you.

1.Make a Splash at Baakline Waterfall

Pictured above, it looks like something out of the movie The Beach. But no, it’s right here in Lebanon, in the Chouf district. You’ve got the option of renting chairs and a grill if you’d like to make a day of it or kick back and relax after a nearby hike. Here’s hoping it’s just as clean and pristine as it looks! If you need more details on how to get there, check out: http://survivinglebanon.blogspot.ca/2013/09/baakline-waterfalls.html

2. Explore Beirut Design Week

In its 7th year, Beirut Design Week states on its website that it is “the largest growing design festival in the Middle East and North Africa. Bringing together more than 25,000 visitors at over 150 events in various locations around Beirut.”  They also articulate that the main purpose of the event is “to encourage intercultural exchange, design education, social impact, and design entrepreneurship.” Pretty exciting right? If you haven’t attended before, you can expect a wide range of talks, exhibitions, workshops, open studios, tours, film screenings, networking events and more, with each day of the week highlighting a different area of the city. For more info check out: http://www.beirutdesignweek.org/page/45/Home-Page 


3. Volunteer with FoodBlessed

Founded in 2012, FoodBlessed is a hunger-relief initiative that is community-based, volunteer-driven, and serious about multi-faceted solutions to food insecurity.  They tackle hunger and food waste, promote community engagement, and foster education and empowerment. Basically, they are food heroes, and according to their website, you can be too!:

“You HATE food waste? We hate food waste too! You HATE food poverty? Well guess what. We also hate food poverty! And we BOTH agree that it is ridiculous for food waste and food poverty to exist in the same community. It is official… you are destined to be a HUNGER HERO! Whether you cook, bake, or serve a meal, volunteering with FoodBlessed is a transformative experience. We require volunteers all year long. We call our volunteers Hunger Heroes, because we believe that they are everyday heroes who put their time and energy into good use all the while making sure no good food goes to waste.”

So count your blessings and make food matter starting this June. See what you can do at: https://foodblessed.org/volunteer/


4. Spend a Night at Sursock Museum

Sursock Museum’s Late Nights run every Thursday until December 27th , 12:00pm to 9:00pm (okay, it’s not THAT late, but still). They offer you the opportunity to explore their regular “exhibitions and collection displays,” alongside “late night talks, performances, and screenings.” The calendar for those special events are a work in progress, so to find out more keep your eye on the Lebtivity calendar and Sursock Museum websites here: http://www.lebtivity.com/event/sursock-museum-late-nights and https://sursock.museum


5. Take an Ehden Adventure Day

Photo Credit: Lebtivity

Before the summer sizzle gets too intense, go join an Ehden Adventure Day, running from Thursday to Sunday, 10am-6pm. You can camp and unleash your adventurous spirit with some rappelling, paragliding, zip biking (yes, that’s a thing, see above), sky walking, archery, and more! Their website is currently undergoing updates, but you can find them on Facebook right here: https://www.facebook.com/EhdenAdventures/


6. Rediscover the Magic of Storytelling with Hakaya

Hakaya is a ‘storytelling event of real stories told live’. You’re invited to come and tell a 5-10 minute long story about something unexpected or significant from your own life, or to simply sit and listen to the stories of others.  A community event after my own heart, the next Hakaya Storytelling Night is June 7th, 8:00-9:30 pm, at Dar Bistro and Books. For more info or to stay updated, check them out: https://www.facebook.com/events/1733962296692206/


7.Unleash Your Inner Chef with a Kitchen Lab Iftar Cooking Class

Photo Credit: http://kitchenlabo.com/courses/iftar-class/

Kitchen Lab is a fabulous place for food lovers,  offering unique culinary adventures for all ages and levels of experience.  You can get your first Kitchen Lab taste by taking their Iftar Cooking Class with a group of your friends! During this special time for gathering and eating with loved ones, learn to make ‘an authentic Iftar menu’ on June 12th, from 7:30-9:30pm. I believe you can also eat said menu, and take the recipes and leftovers home with you. What’s not to like?  http://kitchenlabo.com/courses/iftar-class/


And guess what? Lucky you! We have a very special bonus thing for you to do!

8.Download the ‘Live, Love, Recycle’ App, and Use it!

Haven’t heard of it yet? You poor thing. An initiative by folks at Live Love Beirut, this nifty app is taking our ongoing waste crisis and government’s ‘ahem ahem’ inefficiency, ineptitude and corruption into their own hands. You simply download the app and can request a pick-up of a maximum of two bags of recycling, twice a month. On the scheduled day,  an e-bike driver will come and take them to the wonderful NGO arcenciel to be recycled. What superstars! So what are you waiting for? Install now and spread the word.

That’s all folks. As always, share pictures, thoughts, ideas, and experiences in the comments below. We love hearing from you.









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