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21 Day Spring Clean-Out Challenge!

We’ve got exactly 21 days until the official beginning of spring, and what better way to bring in the new season than to cross all those household tasks you’ve been avoiding off your list! Take on this challenge and come out the other side feeling fresh, organized and ever-so productive.  If something doesn’t apply to you, then replace it with another thing you need to do! (Got a car? A garden shed? A tool box? Kids toys to go through? Knock yourself out!). The important thing is to stick to one simple thing a day and not overwhelm yourself, because then you won’t get anything done at all!   

Day 1. Pick a Drawer, any Drawer.

That messy drawer in the living room table? The ‘miscellaneous objects’ one in the bedroom? The ‘drop whatever I’m carrying into it’ one in the hallway? Pick whatever drawer is calling to you the most!

Day 2. Socks and Underwear.

Check what’s missing a partner or too worn out to be saved.  Organize, match-up, discard.

Day 3. Check your Inbox

‘2403 unread messages’? The dreaded rising numbers. Go through and delete, delete, delete. A clutter-free inbox is a clutter-free mind!  

Day 4. File & Recycle

Go through those papers, file them in their rightful place, and send the rest onward to their new incarnation.

Day 5. Box some Books & Magazines

I know, I know. It’s hard to get rid of these. I’m a book hoarder so I’m preaching to myself.  Look at those bookshelves and magazine piles. Is there anything you can part with? Donate to a community center or organization!  

Day 6. Check your Bathroom Products

Oh how the toiletries and beauty supplies pile up. Go through them all. If the make-up is more than 6 months old, chuck it. It’s a germ factory and ruining your skin. If the shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, spray, scrub, toner, shaving cream, body lotion….you get the idea…if it’s been around for more than a year, and you haven’t used it, get rid of it. If it’s unopened and not expired, donate it.  

Day 7. Organize a Kitchen Cupboard

Tupperware? Mugs? Silverware? Canned goods? Pick just one cupboard. If there is something you aren’t using, and likely will never be using (and it is in reasonable condition and non-perishable) donate it.

Day 8. Handle that Desk

Old mail, broken stationary, irrelevant business cards, haphazardly organized folders. Take care of it.

Day 9. Purge your Fridge & Freezer.

Other than the obvious smelly old takeout dinner, focus on the things that get overlooked like dressings, condiments, dips, etc. Also, things in your freezer don’t last forever. They don’t. Look it up.

Day 10.  Straighten out Storage (Part 1)

Got a storage cupboard, drawer, box, shed, or corner? Get started on it. If you aren’t going to use it, send it to the curb, or to somewhere it will be useful.

Day 11. Organize another Kitchen Cupboard

Refer back to Day 7.

Day 12. Can it Be Salvaged? Time to Mend

Linens, furniture, clothing, jewellery, shoes, kitchen appliances. What needs mending? What can you mend yourself or arrange to have mended TODAY?  

Day 13. Clear that Pantry

Have a cupboard or closet for your dry goods? Your oils and spices? Your pickled and preserved? Give it some TLC!

Day 14. Pick another Drawer, any Drawer

Refer to Day 1.   

Day 15.  Cleanse that Bedroom Closet  

Let’s keep sticking with the one year rule. If you haven’t worn it in a year, think really, really hard, about whether you’ll wear it again. If you won’t, donate it. If it needs repair, put aside for Day 12. If it’s worn out,  make cleaning cloths out of it. If it won’t even serve that purpose, get rid of it.

Day 16. Raid your Purse/Backpack/Briefcase/Wallet

You know what to do. Enter the abyss and discard.   

Day 17. Free up that Entryway

Where the shoes, jackets, and random knick knacks end up? Give it a good organizing and cleanse.

Day 18. Scour your Laundry area

It’s amazing how empty detergent bottles, dryer sheets, fluff, and the odd sock can be found hiding away.  

Day 19. Straighten out Storage (Part 2)

Refer to Day 10!

Day 20. Manage the Medicine Cabinet

Expired? Unidentified pills? Swollen, oozing, or discoloured? Throw it awaaaay!!!

Day 21. Clear out your phone

We know how those bazillion Whatsapp videos and pictures add up. The screenshots, downloads, un-opened apps that seemed like a good idea and just take up memory? Get rid of them all.

Alright folks, that’s all we’ve got. Keep us posted on your progress in the comments, and happy spring clean-out!

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