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The Sports Items Collection Initiative and How You Can Help

Two months ago, and technically last year, we had announced the first of two initiatives that we, The Wellness Project, in collaboration with Joseph Samarani from arcenciel launched. The sports items collection initiative is similar in its process to the cork collection campaign, but it has a completely different aim and impact.

We will be collecting secondhand, unwanted and outdated sports clothes, gear and equipment such as balls, rackets, mats shoes and clothes  as well as the full range of items used for exercise in homes, schools, gyms, health spas and sports shops.

The aim from this initiative is to donate all collected items to selected NGOs that work with children and young adults who have been victims of abuse. This includes helping to supplement financially strained schools and charities, which benefit from these items for the sports related programmings.

We would like to continue the New Year with this initiative because many people are motivated to do something different each year and we believe this small act of kindness on our part can really impact the lives of a number people for a really long time.

So how can the practice of sports help abused children and young adults?

The physical benefits of exercise, improving physical condition and fighting disease, have been established for a while now, and all physicians encourage staying physically active. But exercise is also recognized for its positive impact on mental fitness and the reduction of stress.

When stress affects the brain and its many nerve connections, all of your body feels the impact of the stress (add link to stress article on TWP Blog). Exercise produces endorphins, chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers, and also improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduce stress. Team sports in particular, provide a chance to unwind and engage in a satisfying challenge that allows the participant to connect with teammates and friends in a recreational setting. Additionally, regular exercise can boost confidence and improve self-esteem. When the level of strength and skills increase, the individual’s self image will improve.

For a child or young adult who has suffered from abuse, all of these benefits could go a long way into changing their lives and helping them deal with situations better. This is worthy of all of our efforts!

We are counting on your help and support in our initiative. You can make a difference by bringing relief, release and growth to many underprivileged youth, while also adding hope and enjoyment to their lives.

Even a simple ball can go a long way!

Each time your collection bag or box is full, you can drop them off from Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5pm, at any of the arcenciel locations as follows

arcenciel  jisr el wati          01 565 655

arcenciel jsr el basha         01 495 561

arcenciel damour               05 602 642

arcenciel sad el baochrieh 01 889 516


For any further information, please drop us a line and/or contact: Joseph Samarani- 76 892 534

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