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Winter, The Season of Stillness and Inner Reflection

Today is the first day of winter. It is the start of the season when everything is at rest, still or frozen.

According to the legendary Yellow Emperor, considered to be the founder of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), “In winter, all is hidden. Winter is the season of retirement into depth, because of the cold outside. At this time you must not disturb or disperse the yang (Fire, active) so that you can allow the yin reserves to be re-established within you.”

It is this stillness of nature that calls us to fully look into our depth to find our inner being and connect with it. We are also encouraged to embrace the darkness within us and around us. All of our energies are being called to examine the depth of our being.

During the wintertime, listening is most valuable. Listening to our inner self and understanding it better. It makes sense that new decisions or ‘resolutions’ are taken during the winter or at the start of the year. But these decisions or resolutions are most valuable when they are the result of inner reflections. That is probably why most of the set intentions end up as notes on a piece of paper.

Winter is the season that is associated with the kidneys and the element of water. According to TCM, kidney energy is the most basic and fundamental energy. It controls the immune system, bones, bone marrow, brain, body fluid, sexual energy and reproduction. Warming food is necessary to support the kidneys during winter season.


Here is our list of intentions for a rewarding winter season:

1- Keep warm, not hot

Prepare for the weather and dress well. Keeping your feet warm is important for proper qi energy balance. Don’t sit too close to the fire and avoid very hot showers.


2- Nourish Yourself From The Inside

Just like keeping yourself warm, you need to eat warm food to support the kidney yin and yang. Eat exactly what you are craving, soups and stews. Consider sweet potato, kidney beans, sesame seeds, chicken, coriander, fennel and walnuts.


3- Listen & Recharge

Your inner being comes to the surface during winter. Listen, take notes and understand yourself better. Keep a journal and record your thoughts, your feelings and your reactions. After a while, look at them and look for patterns of thoughts and feelings. These patterns hold a message from you.


4- Exercise or Not

In winter, it is better to opt for light workouts such as walking or jogging. During rainy days, you can choose to stay indoors and give your body a rest.


We will leave you with these recommendations for a restorative winter season.


Take it easy and recharge!




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