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9 Ways To Deal With Stress & Anxiety This Holiday Season

It is the holiday season and we find ourselves singing “TIS the season to be jolly, Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.”


But to be very honest, this time of year comes with an addition of stress and anxiety. It is the time for happy reunions and celebrations but it also means financial pressures, long to do shopping lists as well as tense family relationships.


Stress can affect every organ in your body and cause extreme mood swings. You can ease things by taking care of yourself during the season.


So how can you deal with stress and feel the real meaning of the holidays?


1- Plan to Enjoy the Positive Aspects of the Season

When you set the intention to fully enjoy something, you will actually focus on the positive parts of the experience and think less of any source of stress and anxiety.


2- Take Some Time Off

The holidays can be overwhelming with a long to do list and many events to attend. Plan to disconnect by enjoying a cup of tea or by attending a Pilates or yoga class.

3- Practice Meditation

We already talked about the amazing benefits of meditation on your wellbeing and inner peace. If you regularly practice meditation, make sure to keep it as part of your routine especially during the holidays. A quick 15 or 30 minutes daily could be exactly what your body and mind need at this time.


4- Prioritize

This is easier said than done but what we mean here is, mostly accept that you are not meant to do it all and be everywhere at the same time. When you feel the need, make sure you prioritize your wellbeing and inner peace before anything else.


5- Prepare a Holiday Budget

Money can also be a source of stress during the holidays. Plan your budget in advance, include everything as well as after Christmas sales and pocket money and do your best to stick to it.


6- Post Holiday Syndrome is a Real Thing

The holidays can be a source of stress but also going back to your regular routine can result in depression. Towards the end of the season, start easing yourself out of the holiday action one day at a time.


7- Balance Your Diet

For many people, overeating during the holidays can be a source of anxiety and depression. When you change your eating habits and indulge in more sweets, it can also impact your mood and energy levels. To counterbalance that, include more physical activity during the day, avoid heavy dinners whenever you can and keep hydrated. Sometimes and especially during stressful times, it is easy to mistake thirst for hunger.

8- Balance Your Expectations

Keep in mind that some things will not go according to plan and you won’t be able to control everything. By balancing your expectations, you will put less pressure on yourself and others.


9- Help Others

Performing an altruistic act can bring us an intense sense of happiness. Anytime you feel generous, act on it. Anytime you do something that contributes to the wellbeing of another, let yourself feel the joy of your generosity.


It is our hope that with these suggestions, you will feel more at peace and really enjoy the meaning of the season.


Happy Holidays!














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