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The Cork Collection Initiative And How You Can Help

It’s the season to be jolly!


It is the time of the year;

You spend with family and friends around a good meal and a nice bottle of wine,

You meet up with old friends and remember the good times,

You appreciate your good fortune for being able to live a certain lifestyle.


But it is also the time (and hopefully not the only time), you think of the less fortunate and people who would deeply enjoy the smallest part of what we really take for granted.


We, The Wellness Project, have decided to give back this year, and all year long, in a ‘corky’ way!

We are joining hands with Joseph Samarani from arcenciel to collect corks from our supporters and friends, families, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

The cork collected will be used to facilitate arts and crafts workshops with underprivileged youth and families. This offers an emotional outlet, a space of enjoyment, and a source of income generation through their creations.

Arts and crafts help contribute to mental well-being. Many artists find that craft is the best way to express their emotions. Giving people a means of releasing emotional tension is why art benefits mental health.

The act of practicing an artistic form of expression is what heals people. When someone takes the time to be artistic, they detach from the world around them. Art helps them to reconnect with themselves and become more aware of the physical state in the moment. It provides a mental escape from daily routine and problems. Completing a piece of craft provides internal satisfaction and a boost of self-esteem. It also increases the sense of empathy, decreases stress and improves relationship healing.

Let us show you how!

1- Create Christmas Ornaments

2- Table Decorations

3- Make ‘Furniture’

And we are just getting started!

These are just some of the ways these underprivileged youth and families can get creative, detach from their daily worries and generate an income.

Please support us by delivering your cork in boxes or plastic bags to arcenciel from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am till 5:00 pm at these locations.

  • arcenciel  jisr el wati                        01 565 655
  • arcenciel jsr el basha                       01 495 561
  • arcenciel damour                             05 602 642
  • arcenciel sad el baochrieh              01 889 516

Help us raise awareness and support our initiative to collect and reuse the corks!


Let’s think of others, together with ourselvesthis holiday season and after it.

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