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8 Mindful Gifts You Can Offer Anyone This Christmas

As part of our Conscious Christmas theme, and after having published our ‘Easy Guide to an Ethical Christmas’, we would like to share with you a list of mindful gifts you can give your loved ones this Christmas.

1- A Plant

Some people do not buy plants for themselves and never actually realize the positive impact of this green presence in their homes until they do. You can personalize this gift even more by choosing one that would perfectly fit in your loved ones’ home and with his or her personality.

We suggest you check this guide before making your selection:


2- A Handmade Journal or Notebook

This is a great gift for anyone! It is personal and could be used differently depending on the person. Someone could use it as a sketchbook, or for notes taking or even as an actual journal for getting their thoughts and fears on a piece of paper.

3- An Adult Coloring Book

Coloring is just a great way to meditate at the end of the day. It gives people time to sit, relax, clear their mind and focus on just one thing, coloring! You can choose from a variety of coloring books in any bookstore and find something that perfectly suits the person you are gifting this to. We think you might end up picking a book for yourself also!

4- Hand Painted Mug

If your friend or family member is either a coffee or tea drinker then this is a perfect idea! You can personalize the mug by adding a word on it saying what the person means to you or simply refer to a special moment in your relationship.

5- A New Hobby

If you have both been talking about doing something new and getting out of your comfort zone, then it would be a great idea if you can enrol in a course that you will both enjoy. Depending on the person, this can either be a cooking or art class or even an experience such as paragliding, hiking or any sports activities.

6- Your Personal Playlist

We say personal but you can also create a playlist of favourite songs that mean something to both of you. This could be the ideal gift idea for a partner, a friend or even a family member!

7- Your Time

This is probably the most precious gift on this list. If you have been very busy or overwhelmed with work or responsibilities, your loved ones would definitely appreciate you taking some time off and spending it together. This could include an activity you both enjoy or sometimes just a cup of tea and conversation.

8- Your Favorite Book

I personally love to share with friends and family books that have changed my life and opened my perspective to a whole new world. Sometimes, we could be talking and I think to myself, ‘my friend could really benefit from reading this book.’ It could be exactly what he or she needs at this point in their life. Honestly, my favourite part is talking about the book, after they have done reading it!


The final touch:

Wrap your gifts in a newspaper and tie it together with lace or ribbon. Alternatively, and to make it more personal, you can use a plain paper and print or draw your own design on it. This will add a customized and eco-friendly touch to a very conscious and mindful gift.


Do you have more suggestions?! We would love to hear from you!









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