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12 Amazing Things You Need to Do in Lebanon This Summer

Lebanon is an incredibly rich and beautiful country for outdoor adventures, and we often forget to branch out of our regular comfort zones and routines. What better way to take advantage of the summer weather than to go on some adventures with family or friends.


Here’s a list to get you started!

1-  Head to Tannourine to check out the Baatara Pothole and Gorge Waterfall. While you’re there, may as well scale those heights with the Rock Climbing Association for Development



2- Go to Jezzine and be spoiled for choice at the Chill Grill Sunday Pinea Campus, a campsite in the Haitoura area. You’ll have camping, Atving, mountain biking, horseback riding and more to choose from.


3- Try White water rafting the Hermel Assi River with the Assi Rafting Club!

Picture courtesy of: http://www.assirafting.com/index.html


4- Check out the Mzaar Ski Resort for a hot air balloon ride with the family. You’ve climbed the rock faces, mastered the river travel, now it’s time to take it all in from the air!


5- Visit the Afqa grotto, waterfall and river, with Byblos just around the corner to round off your day.  


6- Jeita Grotto is of course another staple- because who doesn’t like feeling like they are walking through the mystical underbelly of another world

Picture credit to: http://twistedsifter.com/2011/11/jeita-grotto-limestone-caves-lebanon/

7- Marvel at the Laqlouq lakes. This also happens to be the perfect setting for a romantic picnic and a leisurely stroll


8- Take some Nature Reserve hiking tours. You’ll be spoiled for choice between the reserves at Yammouneh, Bentael, Jabal Moussa, Horsh Ehden, Tannourine, and Chouf.  You have the whole summer so do them all!

Check out http://www.living-lebanon.com/ if you don’t want to plan solo.



9- Follow the Baskinta Literary Trail and soak up the talent of prolific regional poets and novelists such as Mikhail Naimy, Amin Maalou, Abdallah Ghanem, George Ghanem, Suleiman Kettaneh and Rachid Ayoub.

We highly advise taking your copy of the Book of Mirdad with you.

Picture credit to Tourism Lebanon:



10- Explore Oyoun el-Samak. Lush, green, and dotted with lakes and waterfalls, this gem offers options for the leisurely passive nature observer, or enthusiastic hikers.


You can also wander nearby to the grotto at Ain Yeshua Mosque, or check out the anciet evergreens at Abou Moussa forest.

11- Sailing or Windsurf at the Lebanese Yacht Club in Batroun or the Halat Sailing Club in Jbeil. Perhaps you’ve had enough of the mountain ranges for now, and need some salty breeze.


12- On that note, head to Anfeh for the sunset and some spectacularly scenic fishing


Did we leave out your favorite spot? Please let us know in the comments!

And don’t forget to check out the resource list below for organizations, groups and clubs that will have your back whatever outdoor activity you favour.











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