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30 Day Service Challenge for Spring!

Because April is International Community Service Month, we wanted to offer a challenge that brings awareness to yourself, but also who you are as a member of a community—the ways that you connect with others, both in your immediate circle and beyond. The goal is a spring-cleaning of sorts, combined with a different way of engaging in your world and being involved. Season shifts are a great time to reset and re-evaluate, so get started on April 1st!


Day 1: Write down 7 goals (with intention)

Day 2: Compliment a stranger (and mean it)

Day 3: Get rid of 3 things you never use (and donate them if they are in good condition)

Day 4: Speak to someone who seems lonely (and make sure to really listen too)

Day 5: Take a walk outdoors (and see if you notice anything different)

Day 6: Give to a charity (thoughtfully)

Day 7: Cook from scratch (and share with friends)

Day 8: Attend a community event (maybe something outside your comfort zone)

Day 9: Write down 12 things you are grateful for (and know that nothing is too small)

Day 10: Educate yourself about a social issue you know nothing about (and maybe even have resistance to)

Day 11: Declutter your desk or an area in your home (and treat yourself afterwards)

Day 12: Find an NGO where you’d like to volunteer your skills (and plan a time to visit it)

Day 13: Write down 10 things you really like about yourself (and make a habit of re-reading it)

Day 14: Buy a meal for a homeless person (and make sure it is done with respect and humility)

Day 15: Sit and watch the sunset (in silence)

Day 16: Be kinder to service & retail staff (and notice your inclinations otherwise)

Day 17: Read a book (something that challenges you)

Day 18: Find a new local small business (and support it)

Day 19: Go 24 hours without complaining (it’s harder than it sounds)

Day 20: Watch a documentary with a friend (and then discuss it)

Day 21: Go 24 hours without spending any money (and see what happens)

Day 22: Pick up some litter (multiple times maybe)

Day 23: Spend 10 minutes deep breathing (and be curious about your thoughts)

Day 24: Help a stranger (without being pushy)

Day 25: Go 24 hours without social media (the struggle is real)

Day 26: Visit an animal shelter (and consider adoption)

Day 27: Forgive someone (even if its hard)

Day 28: Go 24 hours where you only say positive things about people (and see if your thoughts change)

Day 29: Finish a task you’ve been avoiding (and then do nothing at all)

Day 30: Tell someone all the reasons why you love them (and that’s all folks!)


We would love to hear your comments on your experiences at the end of the challenge: what things you enjoyed, learned, or found difficult. And also, what aspects of the challenge feel like they are on the way to becoming long term routines or commitments to community service!

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