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8 Winter activities for your family weekend


Spending time outside during the winter season has been associated with cold and flu, when in reality it is the indoor circulation of germs and bacteria that is more harmful to you and your children than playing or spending time outside.

There are many activities and games that you can enjoy together as a family and can get you active and help your kids discover new places, interests and passions.

Take your pick from our list of 8 favourite activities to plan your family weekend.


1- Go tobogganing

This is by far any kid’s favourite on the list however it is also an enjoyable activity for the whole family. Find the best hills around and slide away!

2- Build a winter campfire



This activity is more educational than fun since it teaches your kids to prepare a fire and take responsibility for it. But you can always add a fun element and make it more enjoyable by telling stories or making s’mores!?

3- Family cooking

Family cooking in the kitchen

Family cooking in the kitchen

Cooking with kids can get messy but it definitely teaches them how to follow a recipe as well as how to take responsibility in the kitchen. Start by making easy recipes they would love such as cookies and pancakes, this would definitely get their attention!

4- Go for a hike

Hiking is the perfect activity to take a breath of fresh air and fill your lungs with some healthy cleaner oxygen instead of the daily pollution of the city. It is also a great exercise for the whole family and a change to discover new places!

5- Make snow angels

There is nothing more tempting after a snowfall than jumping onto a fresh slate of snow and making snow angels. Just make sure everyone is well dressed with layers of impermeable clothes for that!

6- Go snowshoeing

For those of you who don’t know how to ski but still would like to explore the snowy mountains, snowshoeing is a great and enjoyable alternative!

7- Scavenger hunt

Set up a bunch of clues for the kids to follow and find the treasure. Maybe the first couple of clues could lead to other clues. Keep them guessing and active to find the next clue and reward the winning team with the ultimate gift. Clues can include riddles or general knowledge questions to be answered.

8- Board Games

Family playing board games

Family playing board games

Now that is something both fun and educational to do! We suggest some classics like Monopoly, Mastermind or things that are more fun like charades, Pictionary or your favourite card games.


Let us know what activities you have planned for this family weekend!


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