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Manifesting Your Intentions

As we walk into the first weeks of January, we become rather excited about the unlimited possibilities, opportunities, and untouched prospects of the year ahead. What if we could delve into those dreams that softly whisper into our ears? What if those enchanted visions that make our hearts beat to a new tune could actually become realized right before our eyes? We’ve covered some territory recently in our article on Making Mindful Resolutions and delved into the art of making those mindful resolutions work with the simple yet effective method of journaling. There is one kernel of truth behind all intentions – the thing you intend, aim for or plan – and that is the profound belief and commitment to making it happen. As Dr. Murphy says in his self-improvement book, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,” “The law of your mind is the law of belief.” And what that implies is what we believe invariably makes us who we are. Boom! Belief is the power that fuels and propels our goals, dreams, and heart’s desire into manifesting our reality because, ultimately, we believe in ourselves, full stop! If you don’t have it, nothing will manifest because your limiting beliefs will block everything – and when I say everything, I mean everything!

The possibilities are endless and you are the only one setting your own limitations! Isn’t it rather frustrating to realize that you – the one and only – is the single thing that prevents those grand visions blossoming into a thousand flowers right before your eyes. The great saviour to this problem is also you, so you become the very remedy to the problem! Yes! You are worthy of your greatest dream, whether it is a radiant body, an appreciative partner,  that novel business idea, or that book you secretly want to write, or anything else that you desire! So your thoughts and beliefs are a direct reflection of how you perceive the world around you, yourself, and all other interactions with matter. Thoughts are powerful whether you are conscious or unconscious of them, and they direct every cell or molecule in your body.  There have been countless studies on how are thoughts are even affecting matter and here’s one quote from a study into Quantum Physics to amplify, clarify, and put this notion into motion:

“All this is incredibly significant because it shows how the act of thinking about things can affect every cell of your body. In other words, your body is how it is today, and you are how you are today as a result of the thoughts you have allowed into your consciousness. And the thoughts you have had are a manifestation of what you have focused on, and how you have focused on things over the course of your life. Your body is, therefore, nothing more than an expression of ideas, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It’s a representation of “stored memories” that you have about yourself.”

Wow, you might want to read that a second time! It also implies the we need to be extra conscious of what we are actually thinking, feeling, and expressing out into the world. And the more you flex that belief muscle in yourself, the faster you walk into manifesting your intentions. One of the most inspiring reflections written by Goethe has stayed with me all my life after the first time I laid my eyes on it. I thought sharing it with you would wet those motivational and inspirational juices that make you dare to dream boldly and without reservation:

It makes my heart flutter every time and it shakes every cell in my body. Here are some things that create a wall or barrier between what you want in your future and where you are in the present moment. And we all experience at least one or two of them, if not more:

  • Not feeling worthy or deserving of it
  • Self-doubt and more self-doubt
  • Over-thinking and not acting
  • Unwilling to take risks
  • Not feeling like you are smart enough, good enough, or lovable enough
  • Self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Fear and worry
  • Zero clarity on what you want and when you do finally know what you want, you never set a clear intention, goal, or plan to realize it

Manifesting Your Reality

Before we offer some awesome tips-and-tricks to manifesting your intentions, we thought it would be the ideal moment to remind you that the present moment is all that we have, the past is long gone and the future is yet to come. Your present moment is the space that creates the future to be, so paying mindful attention to that is your greatest tool. If you need a few reminders on how to fully be in the present moment, this link will take you there.

Consequently, whatever you pay attention to is the very thing that you will be cultivating, growing and nurturing, so make sure it’s not about what you don’t want. These 10 tips on nurturing your manifestation muscles have been put together by Gaia and they are brilliant. Remember, the main trick is to believe it, see it, feel it and know that it is surely manifesting at that right pace even if it is not immediately before your eyes, it’s just on the way. Here are 10 steps to manifesting your intentions:

1. Get clear on what you want The universe is always listening, and it wants to support you in achieving your dreams. Get really clear on what it is you are asking for, down to the smallest details. The universe responds to clarity and will deliver the things that you want with greater ease when you have a crystal-clear vision of what you’re calling in. In my coaching practice, I guide women to clear their womb space of external influences and energetic ties that might be clouding their vision to what they truly desire, as this is the root center for women to connect to their deepest truth. Men can access this clarity by working with the lower chakras as well.

2. Get clear on WHY you want it What is the real motivation behind your intention? Setting intentions based on feelings of fear or necessity will only perpetuate more fear and feeling like you never have enough. Be sure to set your intentions from a place of honoring your self-worth, love, and the desire to create true happiness. As mentioned above, you will want to work with clearing the womb and/or the chakras in order to set your intentions from a place of authenticity, not from fear and blocked or manipulated energy. This work can be challenging to navigate on your own, so seek support from a coach, mentor, or teacher with whom you really connect with.

3. Release your attachment to the outcome Now that you are really clear on what it is you want and why you want it; release your attachment to getting exactly what you want. It is not an easy task to set our intentions based on what we feel would bring us the most joy and fulfillment, but when you are unattached to the outcome, it allows you to live in flow. It’s not really the material object or condition that you need; it is the feeling that having that object or condition would bring you. That feeling might be delivered to you through an avenue you simply cannot perceive at this moment in time.

4. Live its reality What would your life look like if you already had the thing that you want? How would you spend your time? What kind of food would you eat? What type of people would you spend your time with? What clothes would you wear? Intentions are energy, and in this case, opposites do not attract. As in Ayurveda, like increases like. So, start living your life in a way that brings you into vibrational alignment with the energy of the very thing that you want.

5. Learn to love the obstacles As you set forth to manifest your intentions, you will more than likely be met with obstacles. Obstacles can signify one of two things: 1. The universe is testing you to see just how sure you are about what you’ve set out to create or get. This is your opportunity to stand your ground and remind yourself of your why. Be grateful for this chance to remember your true motivation. 2. You may have thought you wanted your dream job to look a certain way, and this obstacle is now directing you towards something similar, yet potentially much greater. Choose to look beyond the obstacle to see what doors it may have opened for you that you may not have seen otherwise.

6. Feel what’s real Along your journey you will be faced with decisions that will ultimately create the energy with which you are trying to manifest your intention. Remember, like increases like. The good news is that your body is speaking to you, always. When faced with a decision, whether it’s a difficult decision or something more mundane like what you will eat for lunch or whether to attend the party you were invited to, all you have to do is tune in, ask your body a yes or no question, and feel the response. It’s likely you will feel the response in your gut or womb, your solar plexus, or your heart. If your body responds with an uncomfortable sensation, the answer is no. If your body responds with a feel-good sensation, then the answer is yes. Don’t use your head to feel the response, meaning don’t sit there and try to analyze or question it. Feel your body and go with the first thing that you feel.

7. Mind your language You are in constant communication with the universe through the language you use both in conversation with others and internally in your thoughts. Notice when you use phrases such as “I hope” or “I think I will” or “I’d really like to”. These phrases send a message to the universe that you are lacking what you want and part of you does not believe you can actually have it as yours. Thus, the universe will continue to deliver the lack.

8. Don’t force it Tension creates more tension. Ease creates more ease. Set your intention, and then keep your attention in the present moment. What can you do, right now, in this moment, to create more ease for you to attract what you want? Release your attachment to making it happen. All you need to do is be the container within which your intention can land.

9. Trust As in any relationship, the most important aspect in your relationship to the universe is trust. Trust that the universe wants to give you what you desire. Trust that you are more than capable and worthy of receiving that which you desire. Trust that you are a creative being with the power to transform your life. Trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be and trust that the entire process is divine in its very nature.

10. Celebrate  And lastly, but certainly not least, celebrate yourself along the way. Celebrate when you put in the time, effort, and commitment whether it produces the result you had in mind or not. Celebrate even the smallest successes and celebrate even when you fail, acknowledging what you have learned and what you have gained from this lesson. Celebrate when you’ve had a great day and when you’ve had a really tough day, but you are still breathing and still standing. We live in a culture that puts so much value on self-improvement and not nearly enough value on self-acknowledgment. I promise you, when you learn to receive your own love and acknowledgment, you will not only attract more of what you want, but the people around you and the entire universe will suddenly give you more of the love and acknowledgment that we all need to succeed.


Wow, pretty brilliant, wouldn’t you say? You have this month to really develop and nurture your dreams for the next 11 months in 2019; they are literally just around the corner. Those imaginings of living your dream life are not that far away, but what you do in the present moment will determine how fast they arrive. They will surely bring you a sense of deep joy, gratitude and fulfillment on all levels. You are strong, worthy, powerful, and more than capable than you realize. As they say, you are a miracle waiting to happen, so don’t hold back and go beyond what you think your life can be by thinking ‘big’. Here’s a little video to remind you of how powerful your intentions and beliefs truly are. Enjoy the process!

The Power Of Intention



  • Soha January 14, 2019 4:13 pm

    One of the most beautiful articles I have ever read!

    • admin January 18, 2019 10:28 am

      Thank you, Soha. Many blessings manifesting your dreams!

  • Suzanne January 18, 2019 5:47 am

    Thank you 🌻

    • admin January 18, 2019 10:29 am

      Thank you, Suzanne. Happy manifesting!

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