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8 Wonderful Activities You Should Do in Lebanon This Fall

The season is suddenly on the cusp of transition (where did the summer go?), so it’s time for our round-up of fun things to do in the soon-to-be crisp Fall air.

Here it goes, our top 8.

1- Join the Harvest

Photo Source Credit: Food Heritage Foundation http://food-heritage.org/apple-picking/

Photo Source Credit: Food Heritage Foundation http://food-heritage.org/apple-picking/

This first activity lets us make mention of one of our favorite organizations: the Food Heritage Foundation (Check more about them in our previous blog Learning in Lebanon: 6 Cultural Adventures You Need to Share With Your Family). You can check out their website to join in the apple and olive harvests, a beautiful cultural tradition that is fun for the whole family! There are millions of trees in Lebanon that are being picked in the Fall, and you’ll have so many goodies to bring home.

2- Get Baking

Photo Source Credit: Hadia's Lebanese Cuisine http://www.hadiaslebanesecuisine.com/content/apple-

Photo Source Credit: Hadia’s Lebanese Cuisine http://www.hadiaslebanesecuisine.com/content/apple-

Who doesn’t love the smell of baking? You can take some of that apple harvest and whip up some American apple pie, or try this Apple Pie Cake recipe from Hadia’s Lebanese Cuisine. A little bit cake, a little bit pie. What’s not to like?


3- And Don’t Forget the Preserving Party

Photo Source Credit: Slow Food Beirut https://foodandwine.slowfoodbeirut.com

Photo Source Credit: Slow Food Beirut https://foodandwine.slowfoodbeirut.com

More ways to make use of your harvested goodies (you can learn preservation techniques through the Food Heritage Foundation too). If you’ve already soaked up the knowledge of our forefathers/mothers, then good for you. Pass the knowledge on to friends and the following generation! It’s a dying art. Make a party out of it. The little preserved treats you make, whether they are jams, pickles, or other spreads, make lovely seasonal gifts as well.


4- It’s Not Autumn Without Apple Cider, Either

Photo Source Credit: Blender Babes https://www.blenderbabes.com

Photo Source Credit: Blender Babes https://www.blenderbabes.com

What? More cooking you say? We promise this is the last one, and you won’t regret it.

This beverage is super fast to make. It’s also warm, spiced, good for you, and yet another use for your harvest (we really want you to do that harvest, in case you didn’t notice). Check out this recipe at Blender Babes.


5- Time to Jump on the Crafts Bandwagon

Crafts are seriously in fashion right now, in case you missed that memo. And the number of spectacular do-it-yourself creations that can come out of collecting some Fall leaves are actually remarkable. It ranges from fun stuff with kids, to some really snazzy home decor and gift-worthy items. This selection from Country Living should get you started.


6- And Do the Wine Rounds

Photo Source Credit: Club Grappe http://www.clubgrappe.com/index.php/1

Photo Source Credit: Club Grappe http://www.clubgrappe.com/index.php/1

If you enjoy a good glass of wine, you can start taking advantage of the myriad wine tour options at your finger tips. From Chateau Ksara, Chateau Marsyas, and Chateau Kefraya, to Domaine Des Tourelles, IXSIR, and more! A scenic drive with friends, some fresh air, a little taste here and there, perhaps the odd purchase. What’s not to like?


7- Getting Down With Nature is Cool Too

Go for a walk or a hike. Perhaps take a camping or glamping trip. Try your hand at horseback riding or biking. If you are extra adventurous, perhaps some hang gliding is in the cards for you. Whatever your interest, this is fun for family, friends, or even solo. Reconnecting with nature when it’s bursting with shifting colors is a magical experience. There are so many great organizations to choose from to help you lead the way! Check out our blog 12 Amazing Things You Need to Do in Lebanon This Summer for some concrete suggestions. Most of those things work cross-seasonally!.


8- Last But Not Least: Hit the Festivals

Photo Source Credit: https://www.beirut.com/l/48975

Photo Source Credit: https://www.beirut.com/l/48975

Lebanon does not have a shortage of festivals and the Fall season is no exception. Whether you check out the Colonel Craft Beer Festival in Batroun from Sept 29th-Oct 1st, the Beirut Restaurants Festival in Mar Mikhael from Sept 30th-Oct 2nd, the Autumn Festival in Hamra Oct 30th-31st, the Beirut International Art Show in Monot from Oct 5th-8th, or the many others that follow, you’ll have an amazing time. Everyone is out and about, brimming with energy and relief as the sweltering heat dies down. Take advantage!


We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Let us know your experiences in the comments, or any significant things you feel we missed out on. We love to hear from you.












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