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The So Many Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

Have you heard or read the word Kombucha while browsing online but didn’t really look into it? Here’s why you should!

Kombucha is an ancient recipe that has been consumed for over 2,000 years everywhere in the world. It has been studied and used for a number of medical uses in countries such as China and Russia.


But What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is naturally carbonated and has a number of healing properties. I will admit, kombucha has an acquired taste and it might remind you of vinegar. But, just like everything else, you will get used to it quite quickly once you start sipping it on a regular basis.

Kombucha is an adaptogen, which is a plant or plant-based derivative that benefits the body’s entire physiology, rather than a specific organ or system.

That makes for a long list of benefits and reasons why you should be drinking kombucha on a regular basis.

1- Kombucha alkalizes the body

2- It improves your digestion and increases your metabolism

3- Kombucha detoxifies the liver and boosts your mood

4- It is high in antioxidants and destroys free radicals that cause cancer

5- Kombucha helps fight candida and yeast infections

6- It lowers glucose levels and helps regulate glucose spikes after eating

7- It relieves headaches and migraines

8- It aids healthy cell regeneration and can help heal eczema if applied topically

9- Kombucha boosts your immunity, energy and stamina

And the list goes on and on. Check our resources for more.


If drinking kombucha proves to be an unpleasant experience but you still want to include it in your diet, try these creative ways to incorporate it in your recipes.


1- Replace vinegar with kombucha in your salad dressings

If it tastes like vinegar then use it as vinegar, right? You can easily mix it with olive oil and other ingredients to create a tasty salad dressing spiked with health benefits.


2- Add it to your juices and smoothies

If you are trying to incorporate many adaptogens or superfoods in your diet, the best thing to do is to add them to your morning smoothies. Kombucha will blend perfectly with taste and texture making it a pleasant morning routine.


3- Use it to marinade fish and meats

It makes the meat and fish juicier and gives it a boost of flavour.

You can find Kombucha at your local health and organic store. In Lebanon, kombucha is available at La Vie Claire, A New Earth Organic Store and Live Organic. If you get your kombucha from other stores, please share with us.

If you wish to try making kombucha at home, we suggest you check this guide for a detailed recipe:





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