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What Do You Think You Know About Reality? This Might Surprise You

Have you heard of the ‘Double-Slit Experiment’? A staple in the canon of Quantum Physics today, it was originally performed in 1927, and has been replicated innumerable times since then.

Why should this experiment matter to you? First of all, because it is just fascinating and mind-boggling to think about. But also, because it fundamentally challenges how we consider the nature of reality, and the nature of how we impact ‘reality’.

This brought to mind the work of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto. He conducted studies on the effect human consciousness has on the molecular structure of water. What his research seemed to show was that depending on the intention of the thoughts directed towards the water as it froze, it crystallized in distinctly different ways. The same thing occurred depending on the type of music that he played. In short, the content of our thoughts were seen to influence the structure of the water. You can hear more about this from the man himself here:

In a similar but different fashion, the Double-Slit experiment brings up questions of what is often called ‘the observer effect’, whereby matter is suggested to change its behavior when it is being observed.

Whether this is influenced by our intentions, our expectations and beliefs, or our mere presence, isn’t fully clear. What is clear is this experiment allows us to reconsider our roles in creating reality, or our unconscious influence on that which surrounds us every day (including our own bodies). It creates a profound overlap between spiritual and mystical knowledge systems, and is one of the fastest growing and least understood segments of scientific inquiry.

But we are going to let the videos below do the talking, because the experiment really makes its impact when you can see it being simulated. Each video explains the concept and presents it in a different way, so it can really sink in!

Open your mind and enjoy!










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