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Fair Trade, Simply Explained! And How You Can Support Fair Trade in Lebanon!

We live in a world where the food industry is controlled by a few huge companies that own most of the market share worldwide with a few numbered local farmers and producers who are struggling to stay in business and offer competitive prices.

What is Fair Trade?

The Fair Trade movements started to help producers in developing countries have better trading conditions and to promote sustainable farming. The certification is awarded to products that follow a number of ethical criteria. These products are labeled so that consumers can directly identify the ones that follow fair trade ethical standards. This is a partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect which seeks greater equity in international trade. It follows ten principles:

Why buy Fair Trade? Because every purchase matters:


How can I support Fair Trade in Lebanon?

In Lebanon, we can count on the good work that is being done by Fair Trade Lebanon (FTL), which is an NGO that was created in 2006 to provide support for Lebanese farmers in remote areas. The NGO work with these farmers and with other NGOs and local organizations to develop and establish support networks for production. FTL is of course a member of the World Fair Trade Organization.

In trying to spread awareness and promote their beliefs, Fair Trade Lebanon is organizing a day of celebration for #FairTradeDay this Sunday the 21st at St George’s couvent in Roumieh.


The day will include a rural and authentic lunch where you would get to:

  • Meet more than 150 women producers who are involved in the Fair trade movement
  • Taste the richness of the Lebanese rural cuisine
  • Enjoy a family day out with fun activities in the beautiful mountains
  • Support local fair trade producers.

For more information on the event and tickets: https://www.facebook.com/events/1245228318908510/?ref=br_rs

“Be an Agent for Change, make a difference by supporting Fair Trade and buying products certified Fairtrade or with the “Fair Trade Lebanon” mark; use your purchasing power to contribute in improving lives!” – Fair Trade Lebanon

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