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6 things I learned When I Started Spending Time Alone (Part 1)

Spending time alone can teach us a number of lessons about ourselves! In some cultures, alone time is a completely understandable behavior and in others it is taken as a sign of depression or a number of other signals that people generally prefer to avoid.

For your own good, you will want to spend some time alone. For that, here are 6 things I learned when I started spending time with myself.


1- Being alone is not the same as being lonely

I find myself explaining this to people over and over again. I always go back to the same argument: you can feel perfectly happy with the company of others and sometimes feel lonely even when you are around others.


2- Conversations with others are mostly shallow, conversations with yourself are the deepest

When you are with people you mostly talk about the news, politics, weather etc.. It is only when you are alone, free from the energetic distractions of others, that you have the chance to look inward and converse with yourself.


3- You do not need the approval of others

It is easy to lose touch with yourself when you are looking for approval from your family, your friends, your partner etc… By wanting to be what others want you to be, you disconnect from your true nature, your genuine dreams and stop listening to your intuition. It is your approval that matters the most because by trying to please others, you will never feel completely satisfied.

4- Appreciate the peace

When you are going through your day, running around between job and errands, you sometimes become so involved that this sense of chaos becomes the norm. It is important to remember that it isn’t. When you take some distance and spend time with yourself, you become an observer and start to see your daily life from another perspective, a calm and detached one.


5- Appreciate quality friendships, not quantity

We now have an increasing number of communication tools that helps us connect and stay in touch with a bigger number of people. A number that doesn’t necessarily bring any added value to your life and probably requires an additional effort on your part to maintain. It is better to have a small group of close friends whose company you genuinely enjoy instead of a higher number of acquaintances.


6- Creativity comes when everything is quiet

You might feel this when you are at work and you need silence to perform some creative or new task. When people are around you, you are easily distracted and unable to access your full potential. When everything is quiet, creativity naturally comes flowing to you and makes the task much easier to perform.


Do you spend time alone or looking to start doing that? Let us know in the comments how did that change your life.

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