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The Bridge Institute

The Bridge Institute is an organization that offers post graduate courses, trainings and workshops for the general public, civil society, community, and professionals.

The target of all courses and training modalities is to reduce the stress effect on all health aspects:

• Physical: the effect on all body organs.
• On healthy life style behavior: over eating, smoking…
• On the family: healthy intimate, parents/children relationships.
• On work and career: the effect on, productivity, creativity, teams and groups and career success.
• On social life: healthy social aspect is an important pattern of health.

The Institute has a clear target of delivering cutting edge knowledge and tools needed to cross the bridge from knowledge to practice.

Dr. Jad Wehbe is an international speaker, teacher and research supervisor, practicing mind and body therapy

Dr. Jad Wehbe
Dr. Jad Wehbe is an international speaker, teacher and research supervisor, practicing mind and body therapy


Claudine El Khoury
Claudine is a passionate therapist, she has a strong urge to heal people’s emotional wounds. She is a certified hypnotherapist, a solid Emotional Liberation breathing expert and an integrative stress management coach. She has followed several training on healing childhood trauma.
Houry Mahlebjian
1-Hypnotherapy (5path + 7 path) practitioner.

2-ELB practitioner.

3-Stress Management coach.

Fadi El Halabi
Solidly rooted in psychology and human relations, I gather a three-blended expertise: First, being passionate about couples and relationships, my core profession is psychotherapist and counselor for couples and adults. Second, I am engaged in the field of human relations and personal development where I facilitate several workshops for a varied audience in the public and private sector; with emphasis on civil society. Last, I consult in the field of the inclusion of people with disabilities where I headed since 2006 the Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network (EDAN) and brought forward the cause in Lebanon and in the Middle-East; in the public, private and educational sectors. Across the three aspects, I intervene as a T.V. and Radio talk show host and I am a frequent guest speaker and moderator in renowned universities and in the civic environment
Jade Kassis
Jade Kassis Holds a Master of Science in Psychological Therapies from Queen Mary University of London and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the American University of Beirut. She has published an article entitled, “Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness in the Middle East: A Reflection on the Middle Eastern Church’s Position on Mental Health”. She is currently pursuing a Certificate in Integrative Stress Management Coaching and seeks to provide mental health relief to individuals and families who are afflicted by the warfare and unrest in the MENA region.


Ralph Hobeika
Doctor of Physical Therapy

▪ Integrative Stress Management Therapist

▪CBT practitioner

▪ Respiratory Therapist

▪ Acupuncturist

▪ NEURAC practitioner

Melhem Chamas
Sport scientist and physiotherapist and pursuing my Integrative stress management coaching certificate
Toufic Najem
Passionate physiotherapist and an ongoing stress management coach.

My ultimate concern is to spread positivity in this world ? and to help others overcome their obstacles and improving their lives.

Sandra Nasrallah
Sandra has been on the quest to wellness over the past 10 years. She initiated her path by healing her inner self. She lives in this chaotic and stressful world and is on the quest to bring wellness to people within her circle.

Sandra earned her certificate in hypnotherapy and stress and emotional management from the Bridge Institute in 2018.