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Suzanne Talhouk

Suzanne Talhouk is the first certified Sophrologist in Lebanon who received her Advanced Practitioner Diploma from The Sophrology Academy of London.

In addition to her long and successful career as a managing director in the communications and PR field, she is also a published poet, meditator, and inspirational speaker. In the past she founded the NGO, Feil Amer aiming to highlight the importance of the Arab mother tongue in creativity, productivity and the preservation of cultural identity. In 2013, her speech became the first ever Arabic speech to be featured on (watch it here). She has been also featured on CNN, BBC, Skynews, France24, Alarabiyah, Al Jazeera and other news and culture outlets.

Suzanne’s experience in the media and public relations industry and her dedication to understanding social issues, led her to better understanding the stress and issues of a highly competitive professional world. Her self-reflective writing and public speaking connected her with ways of positively embracing life. Lastly, meditation allowed her to be conscious of her body and expanded her understanding of mind-body connections. These were all natural progressions leading to her passion and interest in Sophrology, and her mission to help other find healing and connection using this powerful and accredited tool.

Suzanne’s core healing techniques focus on insomnia, burnout, anxiety, and dealing with stress and trauma using the holistic method of Sophrology.

What is Sophrology and how to use it?

Sophrology means “the science of consciousness in harmony”. It is a holistic method that deals with an individual as a whole, body and mind.  It started in 1960 by Professor Caycedo, a neuropsychiatrist of Spanish Basque origin, while he was practicing medicine at the University of Madrid, Spain.

Since 1960, it has been used intensively in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain, in hospitals, schools, businesses and sports coaching.  Sophrology is a life-balancing technique aiming for an alert mind in a relaxed body, a mind-body training for performance and wellbeing. It combines Western relaxation and Eastern meditation, it is simple and does not require complicated postures or large amounts of time each day. It is also very flexible and adapts to each person’s needs through tailor-made programmes. Sophrology has been shown to help people experiencing insomnia, stress, anxiety, low self-confidence, burnout, chronic fatigue, pain and depression.

You need no mat, no special clothes, nothing to prepare. You only need to be present!

And most importantly, you will take some tools that you can use anywhere, anytime, and adapt as you see fit to your daily life.

Using key techniques such as breathing, visualization, mind calming, and gentle movements the sessions will:

  1. Enable you with tools that you can access when needed, to work on your personal challenges be it sleeping, anxiety, stress, sadness and others.
  2. Help you become more conscious of your body, and this helps tremendously in times of trauma.
  3. Initiate you to the importance of positive action. Keeping rapport of the positive things. Looking at life and different issues in from a new perspective, not living in denial but understanding the power of a positive outlook at things and its ability to change how we feel towards different life situations.
  4. Work on creating a sense of inner calm.
  5. Introduce home practice exercises to increase impact.