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Extended: OSHO meditation with Masto Baba

December 31, 2020

Extended: OSHO meditation with Masto Baba

Extended due to popular demand!!!
Based on the success and sense of peace and bliss experienced during the last session, Masto Baba is generously extending the FREE online OSHO meditation sessions for YOU the people of Lebanon and taking into consideration those of you who couldn’t attend the 5-hour session on Sunday!

Join the sessions prepared:

The sessions will be held on Tuesday Sep 29, Thursday Oct 1, and Saturday Oct 3, and will run for 1 hour and a half each.

1- Friends, you are requested to register only if you can participate in the full session. Your spiritual thirst, sincerity and dedication are the only criteria to participate in this program.

2- This program will be on ‘Zoom’. In case you are not familiar with this app then please learn how to use it.

3- Please keep YOUR VIDEO ON from beginning to end of session so Masto Baba is able to guide you during the session.

4- Try to be on a light stomach and hydrated for the session to be more present.

5- Please take a shower before sessions. Feel that your body and your mind are a temple

6- Please wear white gown/clothes for all evening sessions and maroon, deep red or orange for the daytime sessions. Otherwise just wear loose and comfortable clothes

7- It is mandatory to use speakers in every session to hear the sounds loudly. Otherwise use your headphones.

8- Make sure to have a set of earplugs and blindfolds which you will be using during the session.

9- Start ‘Zoom’ 15 minutes before the session and enjoy the music.

10- Keep a notebook and pen with you to take notes for the Q’s & A’s.

11- Follow the instructions given in the session sincerely.

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December 31, 2020

Registrations are closed for this event