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Pure Water: The Essence of Health and Wellbeing in Our Lives

What’s In Our Household Water?

Water is truly the essence of life and access to it is an inherent right. What we use to drink, cook and bathe in should be of the highest quality. However, in reality, this is not usually the case, and access to safe and clean water is becoming increasingly difficult around the world. Today, many households eschew drinking their tap water entirely and invest in branded drinking water, which typically comes in either large reused recycled plastic bottles or in single-use plastic bottles. Actually, tap water is deemed potable by the regional water authorities here in Lebanon. This is because it is treated with additives, like in most parts of the world, ‘to make it safe’ from harmful bacteria before being distributed to households. In brief, here is what can be commonly found in household water supply:

  • Chlorine is normally added to kill off bacteria and other pollutants that unfortunately make their way into our surface and ground water reservoirs due to a number of factors ranging from excessive agriculture pesticide use, untreated sewage to improper industrial and domestic waste disposal (embed link http://siteresources.worldbank.org/EXTMETAP/Resources/WQM-LebanonP.pdf)
  • Fluoride, which is commonly added to toothpaste, may also be regularly added to water supplies in the false belief that it  prevents dental caries – overlooking the fact, which is being reported nowadays in many medical journals, that it has real health hazards! You can read more about health issues linked to excessive exposure to fluoride here (https://wakeup-world.com/category/health-wellbeing/fluoride-health-wellbeing/).
  • Another additive is sodium bicarbonate, which serves to raise the pH of the water by chemically neutralizing the acidity and to also help soften the water.
  • We should also mention sulfate, which is normally found in our aquifers and surface water due to dissolved minerals salts.  While it is not harmful to health, in large amounts it can cause an unpleasant ‘rotten egg odor’ and even cause dehydration and diarrhea.  
  • Finally nitrate, an inorganic compound that is produced both naturally and synthetically, is also present in our water supply. Nitrate is dangerous only when it is present in excess levels, as it can cause methemoglobinemia or “blue baby” disease. Of course, it is normally regulated so one should not worry. To know more you can read about the effects of nitrate in drinking water here (http://psep.cce.cornell.edu/facts-slides-self/facts/nit-heef-grw85.aspx)

So far we can understand why the water that ends up in our household is full of undesirable components even if in very small quantities. Also, many households persistently buy bottled water which also contain chlorine and all the other additives listed and mentioned above, by the way. Bottled water is not only expensive but the main problem is the containers which they come in. The water in them is subject to contamination due to leaching from the plastic, which is extremely hazardous to our health, carcinogenic in fact, not to mention they contribute to tremendous garbage waste that is environmentally unfriendly and causing devastating effects on multiple levels! You can read more about how to engage in waste reducing habits, which we covered here on The Wellness Project.

A Cleaner, Healthier Option

Now, here is a story about Oumayma Nadar, the founder and managing director of The Wellness Project that I wish to share with you, which also ties in with what I just mentioned, as you will discover shortly.

Oumayma’s career in the field of holistic healthcare and complementary therapies began many years ago in Dubai, where she founded and managed the House of Chi up until 2011. Her line of work has always revolved around finding and providing information and services in health and well being, as well as seeking products that help to contribute and enhance wellness; so naturally having access to healthy drinking water has always been a key priority for her. Over the years she did extensive research on the various products in the market aimed at improving household water. This led her to the discovery of Kangen Water.

She installed this water device in her own home and starting living with it. Being remarkably impressed with its multilevel uses and benefits, she decided to also invest in Kangen Water professionally back in her native Lebanon, in the effort to see it installed in as many homes and industries as possible, for others to also receive the wide-ranging benefits it offers.

In her quest to make her own home chemical free, environmentally friendly and healthy, Oumayma made her ‘best life investment’ by installing the Kangen Water device in her kitchen and the Anespa shower unit on her water tanks. As a result of the technology behind these devices, the water in her home became additive free, and it also provides her with pH levels as she chooses for the many different uses. And not least of all and most importantly Oumayma says, “it is going back to drinking water from the tap, which is a stigma in Lebanon!” In addition, she also points out the significant savings towards her monthly household expenses, as she no longer has the need to buy bottled water, nor chemical detergents and disinfectants!

She explained to me that by installing the Anespa DX on her water tanks, her water is now at the desired perfect pH that hydrates the hair and skin of everyone in her home while keeping the water free of chlorine and other additives. In fact, Oumayma used to suffer from chlorine allergy, causing symptoms similar to hay fever, as in puffy, watery eyes. She also suffered from severe dry skin, dry hair and even flaky scalp. “These symptoms were all gone after I installed the water device and the noticeable changes in skin and hair conditions were equally and happily experienced by the other five women in the house with me,” she explains. Aside from that, even her plants (and Oumayma certainly has a few of those – as she loves greenery), also showed evidence of their joy from the change to this water! “They are greener, healthier and just vibrating with life.” She also started the habit of putting water in small bowls for the birds and the bees that visit her plants occasionally and feels happy to be contributing to their well being too!

Quite impressive and inspiring, I must say. So now onto the other device, the Kangen Water machine, which is installed in the kitchen by her sink. This device has taken Oumayma and her home members back to trusting and drinking water from the tap. Yes, you heard right. Tap water for drinking – not bottled water! In fact, the name Kangen in Japanese means ‘return to origin’ which is exactly what this Japanese water technology aims to do with household water!

But wait. Is it safe? Does it taste good? Is it good for you? The answer is a big resounding YES to all these questions. “First, it is necessary to understand that this is not a water filtration device,” says Oumayma. She explains that for it to work optimally, it needs to have clean running water flowing through it. For this, Oumayma had the necessary water filtration system installed under her sink ensuring that the water quality is clean prior to reaching the Kangen Water device. After that, she simply connected the Kangen Water Unit to her kitchen faucet.

Photo credit: https://gallerydrinkware.com/blogs/welcome/why-not-single-use-plastic-water-bottles

Here is another valid point Oumayma reminds us of worth sharing with you: “Our bodies are made up of 80% water, and if we don’t hydrate, our vital organs will stop functioning efficiently. If we are dehydrated and we are drinking additive infused water that has plastic particles, it will not do its job as it is designed to do so by nature.”

In fact, come to think about it, the fresh clean spring water our ancestors mostly drank had NO additives, no plastic (it wasn’t invented yet!). In other words, it is the type of water we are meant to be drinking! Because of industrialization, the practice of non-organic agriculture and other factors associated with modern life, clean, fresh water has become scarce in many parts of the world. Luckily, with Kangen Water, available to us here in Lebanon, there is hope on the horizon!

Water for Multiple Uses and Benefits

Another interesting fact Oumayma shared about this device is that it was invented in Japan back in 1974 as a medical device and is used in 216 hospitals (out of 260) throughout Japan. It was and still is used in hospitals in Japan to disinfect and decontaminate surgical tools and operating rooms with the strong acidic water it produces. Later on, after much demand by the public, Mr. Oshiro, the inventor, developed it to be a home use device in 2003. Since then it is in 1 out of 4 homes in Japan and became widely used in the US, Canada, parts of Europe, India and now here.

I personally found its drinking water, which comes in a pH of 8.5-9.5, to be extremely fresh, light and tasty. In fact, I found it akin to drinking fresh mountain spring water! The device also produces water to clean and disinfect the house. It is this same strong acidic water used in Japanese hospitals, which I mentioned earlier, that eliminates the need for buying detergents and other household cleaning products, as it does the actual cleaning and disinfecting on its own! This strong acidic water along with the strong Kangen Water is also used to clean fruits and vegetables, as well as meat, chicken and fish, and rid them of all kinds of bacteria, E. coli, salmonella, fungus, herbicides, pesticides and any other toxic elements. There are quite a few other uses for Kangen water too, which all contribute to better health, wellbeing and hygiene.

As Oumayma talked me through Kangen Water, she told me a remarkable story of someone who benefited from its healing properties. Let me share it with you: “I had someone who worked for me that suffered from severe psoriasis for over 20 years. I’ve never seen this person in anything other than long sleeves, even during the hot summers. Once I installed this system in my home I made sure that person would benefit from the Kangen Water. I made sure he drank the required amount of the suitable pH water from the device, as well as filling up with the pH water for his shower at home, after which he would spray the affected areas with the strong acidic water. Within a week to ten days, this person was overwhelmed with joy, and happily bared his arms to show me the incredible results – no more psoriasis!” I must say I was quite moved with this story! This person I understood continues to live with Kangen Water and to this day is clear of psoriasis. Kangen Water apparently can also help with many other different skin disorders, rashes, as well as with speeding the healing process of cuts and wounds.

Since installing this device for all its multi uses, Oumayma added that she noticed the taste, flavour and aroma of her food was enhanced for the better, and that the cooking time was reduced significantly. Oumayma told me she also felt a marked difference in her body. “After I got the device, I started to drink Kangen Water ranging from pH 8.5-9.5. The 9.5 is very rich in hydrogen and it feels light and easy to digest. I found my digestive system, my energy levels and my sleep had significantly improved.”

To sum it up, the benefits and uses of the Kangen Water device are plentiful, and it is very easy to use in your home. Luckily in Lebanon, the Kangen Water team is exceptionally helpful. A purpose built showroom is available that takes care of all the technical aspects, including training and teaching customers and their helpers on how to use the device and to look after it. “In most other countries this service is not available. You would normally pick up the device and learn everything from the catalog it comes with. In Lebanon, you can come to us and we will help you maximize the usage of your Kangen Water device,” explains Oumayma. Well, I hope you enjoyed and felt inspired by this story about Oumayma and her holistic journey with Kangen Water! If you want to know more about Kangen Water and you wish to get in touch with someone from the team, you can find the link here. Water is truly precious; let’s go back to drinking from our tap with this technology at hand, making sure we are always well hydrated with the purest and healthiest water!


First photo credit: http://www.findaspring.com/why-spring-water/

Second photo credit: http://www.thebreastcaresite.com/holisticalternative-therapy/complementary-alternative-treatments/






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