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7 Things To Do In Lebanon This September (To Transition Seasons In Style)

Photo Source Credit: Nadine Abou Zaki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiR9x1REd0c

In this September edition of ‘Things to Do’, we’ve decided to take on the theme of arts and culture to give your mind and spirit some extra nourishment. We all need a dash of curiosity, imagination, and expression to bring more magic to our lives! But before we launch into this theme, we’d like to make a couple of special mentions.

First, if you are still craving some outdoor exploration, or were actually waiting for the heat to lift to do it, check out our Summer 2017 Blog for some nature opportunities. 

Second, if you haven’t gotten your adequate dose of inner stillness, you can still catch Sunset Yoga at the Sporting Club all the way until October 17th. Here’s more info just for you here

And last, but certainly not least, we don’t want you to forget about World Clean Up Day on Sept 15th! To see how you can participate, check out our August blog on the topic right here

Alright, now we’re ready to get started! Here’s our top 7 Arts & Culture picks for September!

1. Wickerpark Music Festival

Photo Source Credit: Wickerpark Music Festival http://www.wickerparkfestival.com/#announcement

This is happening TOMORROW, so if you’ve left your weekend plans unattended, this grassroots independent music festival is the thing for YOU! Happening in Batroun, it’s a Lebanese trailblazer not just in bringing together local and international alternative music talent, but in being a ZERO WASTE festival too. A perfect lead-up to World Clean-Up day! In fact, they pay particular attention to showcasing projects “that revolve around sustainability, art and activism…and outdoor activities that are aligned with the philosophy of the Festival.”  Sounds pretty fantastic, don’t you think? Buy your tickets and get more information on the line-up and other matters right here

2. For You Poetry Lovers

Photo Source Credit: Haven for Artists https://www.facebook.com/havenforartists/?tn-str=k*F

‘A Poet Dares’, presented by Lisa Luxx and Haven for Artists, offers you a night of performance poetry with an amazing line-up of brave feature poets. And if you’re feeling brave yourself, ‘A Poet Dares’ also has an open mic portion of the evening, so you can get there early and sign up for your own poetry debut. For more info on the where, how and who, check out the event Facebook page.

Too short notice for you? No problem! You can always hit up the Beirut Poetry Slam at Station Beirut on September 15th.

Photo Source Credit: Beirut Poetry Slam https://www.facebook.com/beirutpoetryslam/?tn-str=k*F

In their own words: “Come and be a part of the biggest poetry event in the region! Beirut Poetry Slam is the only Slam competition in the Middle East and in its second edition, it is going bigger than ever, and we will be sending the winner to Paris to compete in the World Slam! The winner of the Slam will be the FIRST Arab poet to compete in the World Slam! Come and be a part of history on the 15th of September, as 10 poets perform both in Arabic and English, and our 3 judges choose a sole winner to represent Lebanon and the Middle East in the 2019 World Slam!”

Again, for more info on the where, how and who, here’s their Facebook event page.

3. Art & Dance Movement Therapy

Photo Credit: Artichoke Studio https://www.facebook.com/artichokestudio/?tn-str=k*F

Artichoke Studio is a respected social enterprise centre that provides art therapy for community members seeking self-development and mental health support. And they are giving you the opportunity to try out Art & Movement Psychotherapy! What is that? It’s a movement-based, non-verbal way of exploring your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Whether you are searching for a new creative outlet or just curious, you can attend a 1.5 hour session on either Sept. 11th, or Sept. 16th. To find out more and to sign-up before the September 9th registration deadline, check out it here.

4. Diary of a Mulberry Tree

Perhaps you aren’t so keen on dancing yourself, but enjoy watching others do it. If that’s the case, this gem of dance theatre, written and directed by the prolific Nadine Abu Zak,i is the perfect treat for you. If you were wondering what the cover photo of this blog was about, now you know! Poignant and important at this moment of environmental crisis, and deeply connected to our history, The Diary of a Mulberry Tree will be performed at Hammana Artist House, Sept. 15th at 7pm!

“Do trees have a memory? Do they have consciousness? Do they communicate with their environment? Can they hear, smell and feel? How do they respond emotionally to humans? Do they feel pain or experience joy or sadness? What is our responsibility as humans towards nature and the environment in today’s digital age?”

“Inspired by the bloody events of the civil war in Lebanon and by Eastern philosophy, this performance is about a mulberry tree telling its relationship with its surroundings. The tree Pyramus unveils its secrets with the Zanzalakht tree Thisbe and humans: it whispers its joys, fears and angers. Through its story, we will learn the deeply moving stories of the people who interacted with the tree and lived around it. The mulberry tree, central in the life of the characters, has borne witness to the most intimate details of their daily lives.”

Here’s a little video teaser to wet your palate: 

Read more and find the ticket details here

5. Ashfraf El Chouli

Photo Source Credit: Metro Al Madina https://www.facebook.com/MetroAlMadina/?tn-str=k*F

Feel like hearing some fabulous oud, percussion, violin, and nay while listening to Ashraf El Chouli sing original songs, as well as a set of undiscovered Palestinian songs too? Well luckily, you can do just that on September 21st at Metro Al Madinat!

For more info on the event and to purchase tickets, follow this linkFor more info on Ashraf El Chouli!

7. Beirut Art Fair

Photo Source Credit: Beirut Art Fair https://www.beirut-art-fair.com/component/content/article.html?id=35

Running for three days from Sept 20th to 23rd, the 8th annual Beirut Art Fair offers something for everyone, and draws regional and international visitors. In their own words, they will be featuring “51 art galleries from 20 countries, exhibiting 250 artists with more than 1,600 artworks.” 

“The 2018 edition of BEIRUT ART FAIR will offer an exceptional and innovative program that confirms Beirut’s role as one of today’s most vibrant centers of Modern & Contemporary creation. BEIRUT ART FAIR is the leading platform for the discovery of new artists, trends, galleries, institutions, and publications from the ME.NA., thus representing a principal catalyst for artistic development of the region. As Beirut is a bridge between East & West, the fair establishes and builds artistic links between diverse cultures, fostering collaboration between galleries with a demonstrated commitment to making discoveries.”

Don’t miss out! You can get more info right here

7. Pick up the Needle and Thread at Alwan Salma

Yes that’s a picture of an embroidered uterus up above. And no, that embroidered uterus is not a production of Alwan Salma. I just liked it. Maybe you’d like to embroider a uterus too.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start again: Whether you’d like to delve into patchwork and quilting, or try your hand at intricate embroidery to make some art for your home and extra special gifts for others, Alwan Salma is the place for you. Teaching increasingly forgotten arts and practices, these workshops allow you to participate in rich traditions while also enjoying community and the meditative process of using needle and thread to create. I’d imagine you can get quirky with your artistic expression too, but don’t take my word for it.

If patchwork and quilting caught your eye, it’s on every Tuesday until September 30th. You can sign up and find more info here.  

If you think embroidery is more your thing, you can brighten up your Saturday mornings until September 30th too. Here’s what you need to know.

And that’s all folks! Have a great September, and don’t forget, if you delve into any of these listed offerings, do let us know in the comments. We love hearing from you!




















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