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8 Amazing Reasons to Get Out And Enjoy Spring

Spring is the season when we experience a burst of colours, smells and lights. It is the season when everything comes to life through a beautiful and magical journey. Everything in nature around us and within us is changing with a breath of life and hope.

It is time to step outside and appreciate a crescendo of bird song, a view of flowers bursting into colourful life and the sight of baby animals born in spring.

Here are 8 reasons to get out and enjoy the season.

1- The days are longer and the nights are shorter. It is time to go outdoors! Not to mention that the extra hour of light is really a mood booster!

2- You can stop using artificial heating and cooling during spring and open your windows to let the sunshine in while you spring clean, declutter and organize your home.

3- You can enjoy a bigger choice of seasonal fruits and vegetables during spring. Peas, asparagus, and kale are just a few of these fresh foods that reach their peak during spring. You will also find yourself wanting to eat less during warmer weather than you did during winter.

4- Outdoors exercise! Another reason to love spring! Winter is too cold, summer is too hot. Spring is just perfect!

5- The aromas of freshly cut grass and blooming flowers have started to fill the air.

6- You are soaking up on Vitamin D and the winter symptoms of blue moods, achy bones and brain fog are now behind you.

7- You can eat outside during springtime; spend more time with friends socializing in nature.

8- Gardening during spring is a completely different experience. It is time to start planting your favourite herbs, fruits and vegetables.

So what are you waiting for?

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