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Have you heard of Slow Food Beirut? 5 Things We Absolutely Love About Them!

“We promote good, clean and fair food”. Slow Food Beirut is a member-founded non-profit organization that was established in 2006 in Lebanon. It is part of a global, grassroots organization with supporters in 150 countries around the world. What do they do and why do we love them? 1- Slow Food Beirut understands the real

Do you live to eat or eat to live? And why your answer should be neither!

Do you live to eat or eat to live? As a first instinct, most people will automatically answer ‘of course, we eat to live’. Their thoughts are focused on the biological process of their body needing food and nutrients to survive. From that, comes the obvious realisation that this no longer drives our food intake

11 Local Fruits That Will Boost Your Summer

Why buy imported fruits when you live in Lebanon and have access to a range of delicious fruits right then and there! There are many reasons why it is preferable that we all start eating local and encourage our friends and family to do so as well. We encourage buying local and organic whenever possible, particularly

The Shocking Truths About Coconut Oil, Saturated Fats and Low-Fat Diets

The Internet was taken by storm a week ago when a new study by the American Heart Association announced that coconut oil might be bad for you. The author of the study said he had no idea why people ever thought coconut oil was healthy, condemning the high amount of saturated fat in the product.

The Dangers of Drinking or Using Chlorinated Water

We are all familiar with chlorine because we know that it is used in swimming pools to allow you to swim in a bacteria and disease-free environment. But, that also comes with a warning, not to drink the water! Have you ever, after being in the pool too long, experienced a sickly feeling? Maybe even

What Is The Difference Between Hydration and Moisture? With Recipes to Create Your Own Organic Product at Home.

Many people think of hydration and moisture as two words that mean the same thing. In reality, a hydrator is completely different from a moisturizer. How? A moisturizer’s effect on the skin is that it reduces the water lost by the epidermis forming a barrier over the surface. By doing so, moisturizers reduce the risk

Mindfulness thoughts to reflect upon this Ramadan (Part 1)

Ramadan is a time of many special traditions for Muslims that includes mainly fasting for the entire month. The beginning of the month always brings beautiful feelings of internal peace and increased spirituality. But as the days pass, we can easily get carried away, forgetting the positive aspects of fasting and start feeling frustrated. On

Create Your Natural Sunscreen Lotion With This Recipe!

Sun season is finally upon us. We are now enjoying longer days and higher temperatures. We have started going to the beach, spending more times outdoor and as a result exposing our skin to the sun for longer hours. Everything we use on our skin gets absorbed within 30 seconds! There are many ingredients that

Introducing The Superpowers of Alkaline Water And Why You Should Be Drinking It

Water is definitely the most vital element that your body needs to survive. It has been proven repeatedly that a good hydration level is great for your health. What if I tell you that now a good thing such as water can be turned into an even greater thing? Meet Alkaline Water! There has been

How to Feed Your Gut & Lose Weight At The Same Time

If you have been trying to lose weight by eating healthy and working out but have not been successful at maintaining that, it is time for you to look deeper! By deeper, I mean exploring the health of your digestive system. Recent studies have started finding links between the bacteria in your gut and conditions


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