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Want to Be a Good Helper? Do it Year Round

 Last month we published 5 Tips You Need to Help You Decide if an NGO is Legit. To continue the conversation about charitable giving, we wanted to bring some focus to another related issue: droughts and floods in donations. Most charitable organizations will say that they’ve tracked a distinct ebb and flow in people’s habits

5 Tips You Need to Help You Decide if an NGO is Legit

Talking the language of nongovernmental organizations can be pretty confusing, not in the least because the name encompasses so many different things. Charities, community organizations, nonprofits generally, some clubs specifically; local, national and transnational organizations, ideologically-driven or cause-specific. What complicates matters even further is the fact that while 60 years ago only a few dozen

Picture of notorious Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila performing at Baalbek Festival 2012

Learning in Lebanon: 6 Cultural Adventures You Need to Share With Your Family

Other than the myriad festivals that flourish in the Lebanese summer, there is a spectacular diversity of things to explore with the entire family. It can be a challenge to separate ourselves and our kids from the internet, phones and other technology. So finding interesting shared forms of engagement is key, especially when they can

4 Life-Saving Tips You Need to Protect Your Pets This Summer

Our pets are part of the family, and we want the best for them. While many of us know that extra care is needed during any extreme temperatures, there’s some common sense things that can get overlooked! We’ve put together our top 4 safety reminders to keep you and your animal friends happy throughout the

The Hidden Costs of Fast Fashion And 5 Ways to Become an Ethical Shopper

How notoriously unethical the fast fashion industry is has become pretty well-known. Despite some small strides in improving labor and environmental practices, consumer demand for cheap clothing keeps the tragic impact of fashion very high. To make large quantities of cheap clothing available, sweatshop and even child labor is used, usually in appalling conditions. We

5 Unexpected Ways Therapy Helped Me Grow

Running along with the theme of April, I thought we could jump into therapy as another option for spring cleaning–but of the emotional kind! People go to therapy for countless reasons: to get help working through a period of crisis like a divorce, a death, or a major move; to deal with anxiety, depression, anger

30 Day Service Challenge for Spring!

Because April is International Community Service Month, we wanted to offer a challenge that brings awareness to yourself, but also who you are as a member of a community—the ways that you connect with others, both in your immediate circle and beyond. The goal is a spring-cleaning of sorts, combined with a different way of

Greening Your Life Is Hard. Here’s 3 Easy Ways to Get Started

Trying to think of changes you can make to start living more sustainably? There are a million lists and suggestions out there, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Don’t be discouraged. Today’s the day. Every small change makes a difference. And when the change starts to seem like an integral part


8 Winter activities for your family weekend

  Spending time outside during the winter season has been associated with cold and flu, when in reality it is the indoor circulation of germs and bacteria that is more harmful to you and your children than playing or spending time outside. There are many activities and games that you can enjoy together as a

Girl smelling flowers

7 Amazing Ways Gardening Helps Your Kids

Growing a garden has become an incredibly popular way that parents, schools, and community programs use to engage kids! Why? Here are 7 good reasons to get you started: 1) PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH! Gardening gets kids physically active out in the sunshine and fresh air! Studies have shown that it calms the nervous system,


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