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This Fifty-Clove Garlic Soup is Your Ultimate Weapon

No, not just against Vampires and warding off any possibility of a romantic evening. This is the arsenal you need against the cold and flu season that is inevitably enveloping us with the drastic temperature swings of Fall. So we are going full force with immune-boosting recipes for you this week, and this time-proven gem

Heal 6 Conditions With This One Ingredient

Turmeric, a spice that gives curry its yellow color, is a super powerful herb. The major ingredient of turmeric that has been associated with the health benefits of the herb is curcumin.   Curcumin has been used for over thousands of years in India and Indonesia for its healing properties and studied extensively in the

Did You Know Our Sea is a Sewer Now? Lebanon, It’s Time to Talk

We have a lot to worry about in Lebanon. I could make a list, but we would be here all day, and it would be unnecessarily depressing. We also have incredible riches: our resilient communities that adapt and thrive under duress, our vast cultural heritage, and our food, to just touch on the very obvious

5 Documentaries That Will Change The Way You Look At Food And Health

We live in a world with many misconceptions and contradicting information related to food and health. We read an article today, only to find another one that contradicts it tomorrow. In this world of information, it is becoming increasingly hard to know what to read and who to trust. That is why, we have gathered

Want an Amazing Day? Harness the Magic of Mornings with these 10 Tips

We’re not all morning people. Some of us don’t actually have to wake up at the crack of dawn and tend to feel miserable when we do. If that’s you, just consider ‘morning’, whenever you usually start your day. We aren’t going to harp on the benefits of aligning with the circadian rhythm and try

Thinking of Cutting Down on Coffee? Here are 7 Delicious Alternatives

For many of us, coffee is an integrated part of our daily morning routine. Some people can’t properly function before having a cup of coffee, while others enjoy the smell and flavour of that freshly brewed pot in the morning. Wherever you stand on the coffee addiction spectrum, you can’t deny that coffee has become


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